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Grieving the Loss of a Pet: The Rainbow Bridge

Losing a pet can be one of the toughest challenges life can throw at you. People without pets may not understand your heartbreak, but there is no shame or abnormality in feeling like a part of you has been taken away. In order to help you through pet loss, we have compiled a list of helpful tips, and have explained how our new Rainbow Bridge Memory Bracelet represents your pet in heaven. 1. Firstly, as a pet owner, you must be aware of your pet’s mortality and expected lifespan compared to your human lifespan. If you can accept this fact, then you will be more prepared when your pet does come to its final days. From day one, regularly take...

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Dog & Cat Meat Trade Awareness Campaign

On Wednesday June 3rd 2017, a global awareness campaign took place. There were many locations around the world, where many animal lovers got together to share awareness of the awful meat trade which is happening 24/7 across Asia.  Help For Paws attended the dog and cat meat trade awareness campaign event at Westminster, London. We was in touch with a lovely lady who adopted a beautiful dog named Jane. Jane was rescued from a slaughter factory in Korea just months before the event. We attended the event with them both, and it was amazing to see how calm and relaxed Jane was in a busy London. She was constantly wagging her tail, and loved the attention! She also became friends...

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Adopting From Soi Dog Foundation - Williams Story

Adopting from the Soi Dog Foundation is such a wonderful thing to do, and it is important that people consider doing this instead of purchasing a puppy from dog breeders in the UK. This article is the emotional story of William written by his lovely owner Tracie.  The Illegal trade for dog meat from Thailand to Vietnam, is destined for Hanoi's dog meat restaurants. Every single stage of this illegal horrific industry, from sourcing to transit, to preparation for death inflicts - the most unimaginable pain and suffering on the dogs. This is the truck William was found on William was caught by dog smugglers and forced into a small wire chicken crate with numerous other dogs, then stacked on to...

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We Have Donated £1000!

Since we formed, we have gone from strength to strength because of all of you. Without you, there would be no us. Together we have raised over £1000 for the Soi Dog Foundation. You are all amazing, and we cannot thank you enough. The Soi Dog Foundation have now received the donation, and are very thankful. The photo below was taken this week from the shelter in Thailand with the Help For Paws cheque. Thank you everyone! The two dogs in the photo are sadly blind, but Soi Dog Foundation do as much as they possibly can to make the dogs lives more happier than ever before.  Now, onto even more good news! If you look around our Bead Bracelets now,...

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Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year Everyone! Thank you to everyone who has supported us this year. All of you have helped to raise nearly £1000 to the Soi Dog Foundation. This money is going to help so many dogs & cats which have nearly been slaughtered due to the disgusting meat trade in parts of Asia. Just when these poor animals have given up on life, Soi Dog have done a truly remarkable job in giving the animals new hope and turning around their lives. It is remarkable what they do, and we are sure the £1000 donation which will soon be sent, will go a long way in helping save the lives of many more. We are currently on £851. So...

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