Grieving the Loss of a Pet: The Rainbow Bridge

Losing a pet can be one of the toughest challenges life can throw at you. People without pets may not understand your heartbreak, but there is no shame or abnormality in feeling like a part of you has been taken away. In order to help you through pet loss, we have compiled a list of helpful tips, and have explained how our new Rainbow Bridge Memory Bracelet represents your pet in heaven.

1. Firstly, as a pet owner, you must be aware of your pet’s mortality and expected lifespan compared to your human lifespan. If you can accept this fact, then you will be more prepared when your pet does come to its final days. From day one, regularly take photos of your pet and really cherish them, so that when the final day does come by, you have lots of happy pictures and memories to remember them by.

2. If you lose a pet, the most important thing to do is ignore the people telling you how to feel. Your grief is your own, and you should deal with it in a manner that helps you move on. It’s normal to cry, it’s normal to experience guilt, denial and anger. But remember that death is part of the cycle of life and you gave your pet the best life it could have had, so there’s no reason to feel guilty. Celebrate the pet’s happy life and mourn its loss until you feel you can move on.

3. Think carefully about how you want to say goodbye to your pet. Pay attention to the vet’s advice, because although you will want your pet to live as long as possible, you need to consider how the pet is suffering. Make the right decision with your pet’s happiness in mind. Ask yourself whether you want to be by its side when it passes into heaven, or whether it’s too hard and you’d rather take a step back. For some, not witnessing their pet pass away peacefully, can create difficulty later on when they are trying to accept the fact that the pet has gone.

4. Create a legacy. Ask yourself how you want to remember your pet. Do you want to bury it nearby so that you can visit it, do you want a grave or an urn, or would you rather take a more symbolic approach and scatter the ashes on the pet’s favourite summer time spot? Think of a way in which you can honour and remember your pet’s life.

5. Find support. Seek friends and family that have been through the same experience and ask them for their perspective and experience on pet loss. If you can’t find many people that can relate to you, then seek help online.

6. If you have other pets, this is an important point. You must find a way to make your other pets understand the loss of the pet, and give them time to grieve themselves. It will be tough, but you should try to maintain a sense of household normality so not to disturb the pets even more from their routine.

7. It is okay to want another pet soon after the loss of a pet, and it may help heal the empty hole in your heart. However, approach with caution. If you have children or other pets in the household, then I would advise against getting a pet so soon, as it may disturb the household peace and cause confusion. Allow yourself time to grieve before attempting to build a relationship with a new pet.

With time, the aching pain will dissolve and through all the hurt, you will remember only but fond memories.

 grieving with loss of a pet - rainbow bridge poem

The Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge is based upon several poems (with unknown authors) from the 1980s and 1990s, which explore another world where pets go upon their death. The other-world is based upon a plush green meadow, where pets are restored to perfect health and are left free to roam and play as they wish. The Rainbow Bridge is both the name of the meadow and the connection between the meadow and heaven. Upon the owner’s death, the owner will also arrive at the meadow to be reunited with their beloved pet, and side by side they will cross the Bridge into heaven.

You can create a legacy for your pet with our new Rainbow Bridge Memory bracelet. They are a gesture of eternal love and remind you that one day, you will be reunited. To purchase one, please click here.

rainbow bridge bracelet