About us

Having animals as part of our family our entire life, we know how remarkable they truly are. We initially used to buy our dogs as puppies from breeders, but from 10 years ago we decided to take in a rescue dog. The story of this animal was heart-breaking and we really wanted to give this dog a far better life than it previously had. The dog was frail, hurt, and starved. Within a few months, the dog couldn't of been any happier, and we couldn't be any prouder for him to be part of our family. This is where are journey began. We have seen and heard thousands of similar heart-warming stories of animals being rescued and given another chance of being happy, but we have also been made aware of the shocking animal cruelty that happens around the world. We just had to help.

The small charities across the UK do an outstanding job in turning around the lives of these abused animals. There is also not enough awareness of the amount of animal abuse that occurs everyday across the globe. This is when we decided to form Help For Paws. We offer premium products that you can wear with pride, which will help contribute towards the charities, and also increase awareness of animal cruelty. 

Every month we donate 10% of our profits to a different animal charity, to help them save even more lives of our furry friends. You can read about the charities we support on our blog.

If you know of an animal charity which deserve to be supported by Help For Paws, please get in touch!

We have donated £6,000 to the Soi Dog Foundation. The money is being used to build a terrace for dogs and cats to recover in, a relaxing environment which they are going to love. It is being named 'The Help For Paws Terrace', and we will have our own plaque on the terrace. Well done to everyone who has purchased from us, and have been part of the Help For Paws family, as without you, this would not have been possible. Thank you so much!

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