We Have Donated £1000!

Since we formed, we have gone from strength to strength because of all of you. Without you, there would be no us. Together we have raised over £1000 for the Soi Dog Foundation. You are all amazing, and we cannot thank you enough. The Soi Dog Foundation have now received the donation, and are very thankful. The photo below was taken this week from the shelter in Thailand with the Help For Paws cheque. Thank you everyone! The two dogs in the photo are sadly blind, but Soi Dog Foundation do as much as they possibly can to make the dogs lives more happier than ever before. 

soi dog donation

Now, onto even more good news!

If you look around our Bead Bracelets now, you will notice the charm has now changed. We are so proud to announce that the charm is now our very own Help For Paws emblem! The heart-shaped paw is what symbolises us, and all of our love for dogs and cats. These charms are unique to us only, you will not find these anywhere else. It took a lot of work, time, and immense effort to finalise the charms. We couldn't be any prouder, they look truly stunning. When we first saw them complete, it really did put a tear in our eye.

Please checkout the newly designed charms here: 

We have many new products lined up to release in the near future, and we will keep you all fully informed.

Thanks again so much, we really cannot believe how far we have gone in such a short time, and it is down to all of you.

We Love You All,
Help For Paws