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The Ultimate Cooling Pet Mat

The Ultimate Cooling Pet Mat

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This item is a MUST-HAVE for ALL Responsible Pet Owners


Every Summer thousands of dogs and cats are in discomfort, exhausted and suffer immensely due to the hot British weather. It is vital that as a responsible pet owner, you do your best to help your pets be as comfortable and as cool as possible. 

During this hot weather, our pets are at extreme high risk of over heating. 

Signs indicating that your pet is overheating and has potential for heat stroke include: lethargy, vomiting, shallow breaths, seizures, and confusion. It can be life threatening, and will mean an emergency trip down to your local vets.  

The Ultimate Cooling Pet Mat will help 

enormously when trying to keep your pet cool. 

The non-toxic mat is self-cooling and requires no additional chilling or water and works by absorbing your pet's body temperature to help prevent overheating and offers a great soothing relief from the hot weather. 

It is made of strong high quality materials to ensure durability, making it ideal for dogs and cats, as their claws will not damage the mat. It is also waterproof, to allow you to clean it easily. 

Key Features:

  • Cooling Material - Uses anti-chemical polymer so it's user and pet friendly. Extremely light, comfortable and breathable.
  • Automatic - It's self controlled and works without water. The coolant material automatically recharges within 30-60 mins of non-use.
  • Pressure Activated - The mat will only start to cool when it senses pressure externally being applied.
  • Super Comfy (No Gel) - Our mat does not use the horrible uncomfortable gel that you see inside cheaper mats, animals hate that! Our mat uses special cooling fabric, which animals LOVE to sleep on!

Recommended Size: 

XS:40*30cm ≤ 2 kg

S  :50*40cm ≤ 2.5 kg

M :62*50cm ≤ 7.5 kg

L  :70*55cm ≤ 15 kg

XL:100*70cm ≤ 40 kg

XXL:150*100cm ≤ 80 kg

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