Pet All-in-One Shampoo Scrub

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Our All-in-One Pet Scrub is guaranteed to help make your pet smell like roses. It is extremely easy to use, just pour in your pet shampoo and scrub away! 

As you scrub away, the shampoo is slowly released. This allows the shampoo to spread evenly over your pet. 

The soft rubber bristles help to get deep into your pets hair, and get all the horrible smells and dirts away. The best thing is - Your pets will love the feeling! It is like they are having their own spa day. This makes the whole washing experience positive for them, and they always be up for a wash!

  • Very easy to use, just add your shampoo and scrub
  • Gets deep into the hair to remove all horrible smells and dirt
  • Your pet will love it
  • Shipped from the UK - Free Fast Delivery!


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