Dog Walking Security Alarm

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Dog Walking Security Alarm
You need to protect yourself and your dogs whilst out on a walk. Unfortunately dog theft is a major issue in the UK. Dog theft has increased nearly 200% this year, and is happening all across the UK. As evenings and mornings get more dark, you shouldn't feel unsafe to walk your dogs.
The Help For Paws Dog Walking Security Alarm is a simple but very effective tool to help keep you and your dog safe. With a simple pull of the metal chain, an extremely loud siren will emit from the device, loud enough to frighten any potential attacker and also alarm everyone nearby that you are danger. 
These evil people are stealing dogs, which are then sold on the internet or used for bait in the evil barbaric act of dog fighting. You need to do as much as you possibly can to protect yourself and your dog
The device is has been designed using Police Preferred Specifications. It is small, discreet and lightweight. It also has our Help For Paws emblem on the face. It comes with a keyring hoop, so you can attach it to almost anything; your keys, or even better you can attach it directly onto your dog lead
  • Simply pull the chain out to emit the extremely loud siren
  • Designed using police preferred specifications
  • Comes with key ring hoop to attach to dog lead/keys
  • Cute, discreet and lightweight
  • The alarm is reusable, simply push the plug back in.
  • Sent from the UK - Fast Delivery

What if my dog is scared of the siren?

Your dog being scared for a few moments is going to be far better than getting stolen by these evil people. We also suggest to train your dog to associate the noise with positive actions. So, in the house, you can set the siren off in another room so it is not as loud. You can then feed your dog treats whilst the siren is on. Over time, you can get closer and closer, and eventually your dog will associate the siren with positive outcomes and will not be scared of it. 

Whats Included:

  •  1x Help For Paws Dog Walking Security Alarm
  • Batteries Included (13A, 12V)
  • Keyring Hoop
  • Instructions Manual