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cat litter mat
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Cat Litter Mat - Magic Catcher

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Easily prevent mess, protect your floors, and have a cat-litter free home! 😸

The Magic Litter Catcher Mat prevents cat litter from scattering on the floor, saving your cleaning time and helping cat litter recycling. With large and deep holes, Magic Litter Catcher Mat traps cat litter quickly when your pet walks out from litter box, preventing litter scattering on the floor.

What’s more, it can also be used as feeding mat, offering a comfortable and neat space for your pets. Amazing gift for pet lovers!

A portion of every sale on Help For Paws goes towards helping dogs and cats in need. We have helped fund a new rehabilitation centre at the Soi Dog Foundation to help dogs and cats heal after surgery. So purchasing this Magic Litter Catch Mat will help make a difference. 

  • Non-Slip Backing: This mat stays where you put it! Catches litter continuously and won't constantly shift around when your cat climbs in and out of the box all day long.
  • Enjoy a "Stench-Free" Home: Our BPA-free, Odor-Resistant Mat is also Urine Proof! Simply shake off or vacuum up excess litter to clean it. No more stinky trapped litter!
  • Easy to Clean & Maintain: Easily fold the two layers and dispose the locked litter back to the litter box, Save Money and Time!
cat litter mat
cat litter mat
  •  Waterproof/Urine Proof Layer: Bottom layer is waterproof which will not allow any liquid to go through. Protect your hardwood floors and carpets from nasty urine stains. Regular Cleaning by running water is recommended.
  • Uniquely Thick & Heavy: With a highly durable backing, our mat is of superior quality! Unlike thinner, fragile mats, it won't tear or crack when you shake it or even after you wash it. It'll even hold up to cat's claws.
cat litter mat

Please note, you may receive a dark grey colour mat. Depending on stock levels.

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We donate a portion of every single sale we make, directly to animal charities that need it the most. You can purchase our beautiful items whilst being proud that you have made a difference. We have supported remarkable charities such as the Soi Dog Foundation, RSPCA, Nowzad and Lincs Dobermann Rescue.
Founded in 2016, Help For Paws goal is to raise funds and awareness for the rescue of dogs and cats most in need. Thanks to the unwavering support of customers like you, we've already contributed over £20,000 to remarkable charities. Every purchase you make continues to drive our ongoing mission forward!

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